About Random Life Music

The idea of featuring music equipment here in Random Life Music came about when friends kept asking us for recommendations. Until then, the site was a typical blog featuring random musings about musicians and their songs.

Not wanting to repeatedly explain our suggestions, we made a blog post about them and referred our friends to it. That’s when we realized that other people will probably also find the information useful, so we decided to shift the site’s focus to music gear reviews and features.

And so, if you are someone who’s looking for musical instruments and equipment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Random Life Music prides itself as a new look at music gear, a fresh perspective so to speak. Here, you’ll find helpful articles for beginners as well as insightful opinions for advanced music enthusiasts. All these are presented in refreshing angles to guide you in finding the best music equipment for yourself.

You’d think that finding the best of anything is easy, given the accessibility of information these days. But on the contrary, it actually became harder because now there are too many options. Random Life Music cuts through the noise by recommending the cream of the crop only.

The recommendations here are unbiased and have been thought of thoroughly. It is Random Life Music’s mission to always provide honest reviews that benefit its readers first and foremost. We envision the site to be the only place you’ll need to go for truthful and comprehensive information.

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