Wow, thank you for actually dropping by my About page. You’re not lost or anything, are you?

Anyway, my name is Arnie. No, not the actor / governor / terminator. As far as I know, I can’t shoot bad dudes in the face. Heck, I can’t even shoot a basketball, even with my decent height.

So what I lack in heroism and balls, I more than make up for by listening to music. And by lying in a hammock. Because life is too short to not listen to music while lying in a hammock. Ok, the hammock part was a stretch, but I do listen to music a lot. I’m almost not without music humming along somewhere in the background.

Sound trip.

Sound trip.

I first fell in love with music when I was in high school. Back then, mixtapes were the thing, and alternative rock was all the rage. I don’t do mixtapes anymore, since online streaming and playlists are the new black. But I love the fond memories of cassettes and vinyls. And though I am online most of the time, I still tune in to FM radio regularly.

I have also broadened my taste in music since then. Not that it was narrow to begin with. In fact, I just confessed to my guy friends that back then, I actually liked boy bands (imagine the horror in their faces). But really, I have always been open minded to different genres and eras. And right now, I’m really digging the myriad of songs that I’m discovering.

So in this blog, I’ll be sharing the music I come across with in my daily life. If you’re also digging them, I urge you to support the artists behind such. I also give tips about music instruments, because hey, who doesn’t like playing the rock star? Below are some of the music gear guides that you’ll find in this site:

Anyway, besides music, I also enjoy video games and chocolates. Also while lying in a hammock.