Gifts for Guitar Players — Gift Ideas That Guitarists Would Love

gifts for guitar players

If you’ll buy gifts for guitar players, or are still thinking of gift ideas for guitarists, then this post would probably help. Here, you’ll likely find something for anyone (men, women, young and old) for any occasion (birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc.).

Below are gifts that any receiver would love (specially musically inclined ones). They are grouped into budgets, and there’s a table of contents to help you quickly get around.

Gifts Under $10

If you think it’s hard to find cool gifts under $10, then you must be unaware of the ones listed here. Not only will they not break the bank, they also won’t be considered boring (yes, I’m talking about you necktie).

Personalized Guitar Picks

personalized guitar picks

You’ll never go wrong with personalized guitar picks. A guitarist would love to receive picks, even if he already has lots of them. And with the ones shown above, you could have his name, band or song’s title on them.

Guitar Jewelry

guitar jewelry

To get some sort of guitar jewelry for someone, you’d think that you’ll need some serious cash. But the guitar cuff links above are just almost 10 bucks, and yet they’re fancy enough to be wedding gifts.

Guitar String Bracelet

guitar string bracelet

For the ladies, you can’t go wrong with a guitar string bracelet. Unlike if you give actual guitar strings, which is tricky, because guitarists are very particular about their type.

Guitar Flash Drive

guitar flash drive necklace

A guitar flash drive is a nice present if you want to give something useful. And it’s a stylish gift too, if it’s the one above which is designed as a necklace. With 8gb of storage space, it’s more than enough for songs and whatnot.

But if that’s too shiny for the person you’ll give it to, below is a more neutral, key chain version. It’s only 4gb though, but it would still be able to store lots of music files.

guitar flash drive keychain

Gifts Under $20

Gifts under $20 are not only nice, they could also be quite useful. Below are presents that will definitely put a smile on the face of any recipient. Maybe even long after they received it, because they’ll use them very often.

Hal Leonard Guitar Method

Hal Leonard Guitar Method complete

The Hal Leonard Guitar Method book is perfect for beginner guitarists and intermediate players who want to improve. Its learning system is widely acclaimed, and it deserves so. And with the complete edition above (which includes all 3 CDs), it won’t look like you spent only a bit above $10.

Guitar T-Shirts

Guitar T-Shirts

A guitar t-shirt would always be considered as a nice present. People just really love to receive a tee, even if it seems unoriginal to give one as a gift.

Guitar Pick Wallet

guitar pick wallet

The guitar pick wallet above, with 12 picks included, just might be the next best gift after a regular wallet with money. Guitarists have a habit of bringing lots of picks, so why not give them something that will hold them?

Cool Guitar Accessories

cool guitar accessories

Cool guitar accessories are not only useful, they are surprising too. For example, people might be baffled to receive the Planet Waves O-port shown above. Basically, it’s a sound enhancer that adds clarity and volume when inserted into an acoustic guitar’s sound hole.

But if you want something less unusual, yet equally cool, then the guitar smartphone holder below is a great alternative. It clips onto guitars and works with any phone (Apple, Android, or Windows). It’s perfect for those who use tuning, learning or other music apps.

cool guitar accessories

Gifts Under $30

With gifts under $30, you are certainly upping the ante on gift-giving. And yet, the money you are spending is still a reasonable amount. Below are presents that anyone would be really happy to receive.

The Best Capos

best capo

The best capos are among the best gifts you could ever give. But if you give a capo which is also a tuner, like the one above, it would definitely be twice the fun. And probably mean one less stuff to carry for a guitarist.

But if you really only want a capo, opt for the SpiderCapo below. Unlike most of its kind, it enables you to capo strings individually. And obviously, it looks way more bad-ass.

best capo

The Best Guitar Learning Software

best guitar learning software

The My Guitar learning software is best for beginner guitarists, specially kids. What’s cool about it are the interactive games that make learning fun and exciting. It works with Windows (XP to 10) and the Mac OS X.

Amazon Music Gift Card

amazon music gift card $25

I know, an Amazon Music Gift Card sounds like a lazy man’s gift. Nonetheless, guitarists love getting them! After all, they could use it to get apps and music that they really like.

Classic Rock Vinyl Records

classic rock vinyl records

Classic rock vinyl records are not only great gifts for rockers, but for a good number of record player owners too. And if you give out the Led Zeppelin IV vinyl above, it shows that you’ve got good taste. After all, it’s been hailed as the greatest guitar album by Guitar World.

Gifts Under $50

If you’re overwhelmed with gifts under $50, that’s understandable. After all, with a high budget, you’ll have a wider pool of items to choose from. And so, in contrast with above, only three suggestions are given below. More will be added eventually, but only the best will be included.

Guitar Games

guitar games

A guitar game like Rocksmith will be appreciated by guitarists, regardless of skill level. It’s a great learning tool for beginners, and a fun way for pros to play along to songs. And with custom songs like “The Gift,” you’re definitely on the right track to buying an awesome present.

Seymour Duncan Triple Shot

seymour duncan triple shots b

Speaking of games, gifting the Seymour Duncan Triple Shot above is said to be akin to handing out cheat codes. This is because it makes guitars with humbuckers even more awesome by expanding the tonal palette. If that still doesn’t make sense, check out these videos for more information.

Personalized Guitar Straps

personalized guitar straps

Personalized guitar straps are not only useful, they make for classy gifts too. The one above came from genuine leather that was hand cut, tooled and finished (now that’s craftsmanship). And it’s completely customizable too!

Going All Out

If you have money, and you’re buying for someone really special, you might want to give them these music gear. They would also make great gifts for music lovers in general, not just guitarists.

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