It’s Friday, I’m in Love: Flashbacks That Rock

Dave Navarro, Mike Shinoda and Justin Timberlake? Yup, it’s another roundup of seemingly random throwback music.


Addicted to Nostalgia

Just recently, Jane’s Addiction performed their full 1988 album “Nothing’s Shocking” at Showbox SoDo in Seattle. It was a very rare throwback performance, and at an unusually intimate venue nonetheless. The band is known for their hedonistic live spectacles — they had two scantily clad dancers and Dave Navarro performed shirtless.

Jane’s Addiction also performed songs for later era fans, like “Been Caught Stealing” and “Three Days.” Still, fans were left wanting because they avoided anything from their most recent albums (“Strays” and “The Great Escape Artist”). Nonetheless, the show was a nostalgic treat to say the least.

Throwback Without Drawback

Last month, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and his side project Fort Minor released a new song called “Welcome.” It’s their first new song after a decade, and they have a cool 360 music video for it. But what I loved more is LP’s video throwback to 2013, in which they are shown working on “Drawbar” with Tom Morello.

Tom Morello first became popular in the 90s with Rage Against The Machine. He was known for making his electric axe not sound like one (like a turntable instead, for example). Then, he did a 360 by becoming The Nightwatchman who played (and sounded like he’s playing) an acoustic guitar. He has plugged in again for “Drawbar” with LP, but he doesn’t sound anything like RATM in the track.

Rock Your Flashback

Just recently, young producer Throttle released a series called “60 Second Sessions” to celebrate his debut single “Together.” The first track from the series is a 1 minute throwback to Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body.” Throttle began making remixes and originals in his home studio in Melbourne only a few years ago. He says that JT is easily the artist that has influenced him the most.

Justin Timberlake is of course the Justin Timberlake. He is one of the very few pop acts that even my rocker friends love. Aside from talent, his funny stint in SNL probably helped endear him to an interesting mix of demographics. Or maybe it was more because he ditched the ramen noodle hair — but who knows?

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