Love Songs Titled as “Love Song”


I know it’s way past Valentine’s day, but it’s still the love month, right? At least according to marketers (why limit love related spending to a day, when you have a month?). But Valentine’s day is more about love than spending on gifts, and love isn’t confined to a month.

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And so, I just had to have my own list of songs about love. To make it a bit more interesting, I only included those that are titled “Love Song.” After all, what better way to call such songs than calling them as such (duh!).

Now, being a tad too late, there’s probably already a ton of similar lists out there. So, I made it a point that the first song is something I hardly found in other lists…

Love Song by Korn

Well, it’s titled as such, but I’m not sure it’s about such. Hear it out yourself below.

I intentionally chose the unplugged version, because acoustic guitars sound more, uhm, romantic?

But based on most interpretations online, it’s more about the dark side of love than romanticism. What made sense to me were those saying that it’s about the negative feelings associated with losing a loved one. Meanwhile, according to Jonathan Davis himself, it’s about: “All my depressed, goth peeps out there, utilizing gloomy morbid imagery.” And that’s how rockstars refer to amorous tunes.

Love Song by Adele

You may have remembered that The Cure joined Korn in their MTV Unplugged show. And speaking of The Cure, they have a song that was what I was looking for. It is included in almost every other Valentine’s list, but Adele’s rendition of it isn’t. Listen to it while looking at romantic art, and you’ll surely get a warm fuzzy feeling.

The song has also been covered by the band 311. Their version sounds reggae, and I loved it too. However, I’m more in love with the sound of the acoustic guitars in Adele’s take. If you are too, and if it made you want to play one, get the best acoustic guitar for yourself here. The acoustic intro and solo were really good, and it would be really cool to be able to play them.

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