The Week in Acoustic

I just realized that my previous post was a tad too serious. And so, I’d like to wrap up this week with a relaxed, acoustic themed scribble. Now, the things mentioned here didn’t really happened only this week. It’s more like that I only got to stumble upon them a few days ago.

Chill out

Chill out

As much as possible, I’d be rambling about the less mainstream stuffs, and how I got to know about them. Hopefully, they are new discoveries for you. If not, I’d love to know how you also came across them (spill the beans on the comments section below!). And so, without further much ado…

Amadou and Mariam

First off, we have something acoustic from Amadou and Mariam. They hail from Mali, a country in West Africa, and are actually a Grammy Award-nominated musical duo.

I found them thanks to the blog of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The USCIS featured Amadou Ly of the Twilight movie fame, who’s planning to merge Afrobeat music with reggae (which is what I was really googling at the time). So I look him up, but it seems he doesn’t have any material yet. But, as it turn out, one of the videos that came up was from another Amadou (who’s last name, by the way, is Bagayoko). Check out their video below:

Apparently, the video is in collaboration with, an organization campaigning to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. Now, I know that’s an even more serious topic than my previous post. But it’s for a good cause and it actually sounded soothing. Besides, the place where they filmed that sure looks quiet and peaceful.

Taking it Slow with Low Roar

Next up, we have something from Low Roar, a band from Iceland composed of Ryan Karazija, Logi Guðmundsson and Leifur Björnsson. I’m really digging their name, and I dig their music even more. Check out one of their songs below:

I love how the seemingly haunted, electronic sound complemented the melancholic acoustic guitar. The song is from their album “o” which was just released recently. And as you’ve seen above, the song was performed for (check out their blog for more Low Roar performances).

Acoustic News Roundup

Finally, to cap off this post, I’d like to roundup the most exciting acoustic related news this week. Now, I know we’re going to mainstream territory here. But I just felt so pumped up with the news lately that I have to also blog about them.

First off, the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas lineup has been announced! And boy they do have a lineup. As reported on the LA Music Blog, the show will have the likes of Linkin Park, Weezer and Royal Blood (to name a few). Check out the full list here (shout out to Gerry Doot’s amusing commentary on how big the show’s gonna be).

And last but certainly not the least — the pink Power Ranger herself performing with an acoustic guitar at Toronto (gasp)! The stunt was a challenge from fellow Ranger David Yost, in celebration of the very successful Indiegogo campaign for her debut film.

And that’s for all my fellow 90s boys out there. See yah in the next post!

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